Thank you for your interest in Hope Music.  In order to be best prepared – please – ask as many questions as you need for clarification. Once you are prepared to audition, please fill out the form below .  Once the form is submitted, you will be contacted to schedule an audition.

You will audition individually and will be working with me on keys. You may also work with another vocalist or instrumentalist during this audition. Audition slots are 30 minutes and are assigned on an individual basis.

If you are currently involved at another church, we ask that you stay committed to that church.  If you have recently made HCC your church home, we ask that you attend our Growth Track to learn about our core values prior to auditioning. We look forward to meeting you and hope you have a great audition.


Jennifer Helms
Hope Music Director


1) BE PREPARED – Please know your parts. If you are unprepared, it will result in a rescheduling of your audition.

2) We play from chord charts, rarely from scored music.
We are looking to know that you can learn your part from listening to a recording.

3) Play tastefully (AKA: Don’t overplay/over-sing…we won’t need you to shred, drum solo, or slap bass).

4) Be able to receive direction/criticism…even if you don’t agree with the suggestion.

5) Practice with a metronome ALWAYS.

  • Worship Team Requirements

    1) Attend HCC services and special events as a leader and a vision-carrier…leading worship in the congregation even when you’re not on stage. 2) Attend all required HCC worship meetings and rehearsals 3) Submit your lives to accountability 100% commitment 4) Be faithful in financial support. 5) Abstain from alcohol, sexual immorality, tobacco, drugs, etc. [There may be occasions where partaking in alcohol and/or tobacco seems appropriate and above reproach. We trust that the worship leaders will use very wise judgment when these occasions arise. Any worship leader who chooses to drink alcohol and/or use tobacco on occasion should be of legal age, truly free of conviction, and respectfully aware of others’ vulnerable impressions of Christianity.]