We don’t want you to simply COME to church, we want you to CONNECT to the church!

Small Groups are your source for friendship, support, and connection. We believe that everyone has a group to join and a team to be on! Small Groups have two semesters throughout the year which coincide with school schedules. There are groups that meet throughout the week at different times. Find a group that fits your interests and schedule!

Our Small Groups will resume in January 2019. We have some exciting groups on the way with a new format that you’ll be able to choose from. Please check back in December for an updated directory with more ways for you to connect with your Hope family. 
January Semester Kick-Off: January 20th, 2019

Pastor Nate Richter
(405) 632-7410


Start a Small Group!

  • Example: Mondays at 4:30 PM
  • Example: Women's Bible Study Small Group, Sermon-Based Small Group
  • Your description should answer these questions: 1) What is your subject matter? (if there is a link, please provide it); 2) What type of people are you targeting through this group?

Sign up for Leader Training!

  • Please separate ages with a comma. (Example: 6, 4, 2)