We don’t want you to simply COME to church, we want you to CONNECT to the church!

Small Groups are your source for friendship, support, and connection. We believe that everyone has a group to join and a team to be on! Small Groups have two semesters throughout the year which coincide with school schedules. There are groups that meet throughout the week at different times. Find a group that fits your interests and schedule!

Fall Semester Kick-Off: September 10th

Check back in August for an updated list of Small Groups.

If you have questions, contact our Small Group Pastor:

Pastor Nate Richter
(405) 632-7410

Spring 2018 Small Groups Directory
Lead a Small Group

Become a Small Group Leader!

  • Example: Mondays at 4:30 PM
  • Example: Women's Bible Study Small Group, Sermon-Based Small Group
  • Your description should answer these questions: 1) What is your subject matter? (if there is a link, please provide it); 2) What type of people are you targeting through this group?